Private parties are the perfect choice for birthdays, bachelorette party, team building event, baby shower, club outting, or church event! We provide everything you need to get your paint party on! Bring your fun spirit and our talented instructors will guide you through an exciting evening that you are sure to remember! We offer a range of projects including:

Canvas Painting - The adult paint sessions are typically three hours. We supply the paint, brushes, easel, canvas, apron, and a talented, entertaining instructor. Prices are $35 for regular sessions; Paint Your Pet is $55.

Wine Glass Painting - We now offer a wine glass painting. Each session is $35 per painter for a set of six glasses and everyone can paint the designs they prefer. Templates and assistance available. We provide the glasses, paint, brushes, apron, and friendly instructor.

Wood Signs - We offer many designs to make custom signs and prices range from $25 - $55 based on the size of the project. We provide the wood and you create the color scheme.

Email us at or call us at 317.883.9897 to book your party. There is a $150 non-refundable deposit due at the time of your reservation. This deposit will be applied to the total balance due. Your final count and remaining balance are due 48 hours prior to your party. On the day of your big event, we'll arrive 30 minutes early to set up and please allow 30 minutes for cleanup at the conclusion of the event.

Kid's Birthday Parties
Have your child's birthday party with us and each child will spend time creating their personal party favor! Contact us to discuss how we can accommodate you for this special day; we can on most occasions work a painting design into your child's party theme! There is a 10 painter minimum. Most paint sessions are two to three hours on a 11x14 canvas and are $20 per painter. We provide the paint, canvas, brushes, easel, apron, fun instructor, and most of the clean up!

Art Therapy
Art has been recognized as an effective form of therapy. We have identified ways that art uniquely answers people's needs. In a creative, supportive, activity-based environment, art provides an alternative outlet for feelings and ideas. The process and images speak for us when words are not enough. In a creative space, guided and encouraged by the highly-trained, credentialed art therapist, we help you rediscover yourself through the art-making process.

Corporate Wellness and Team Building Events
We offer several types of team building workshops: individual painting, where everyone paints the same painting, group painting, where everyone paints a part of a larger painting, or free-style painting, where everyone paints something uniquely creative. Contact us for more information.

Fundraisers - Social scientists have identified a host of ways in which charitable behavior can lead to benefits for the giver, whether economically via tax breaks, socially, or just the experience of well-being from helping. Call us to discuss hosting or to schedule your fundraising event.